User Reviews: What They WON’T Tell You on Their Website Review: Red Flags Point to Potential Scam promises high returns through investment plans and a lucrative referral program. However, upon closer inspection, this platform raises several red flags that suggest it might be a scam. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

What is is a recently launched (April 26, 2024) investment platform claiming global reach. It’s important to note that it has no affiliation with the established e-commerce platform, BitMark (based in Poland).

How it Works (Supposedly):

  1. Sign Up Bonus: They offer a $35 welcome bonus just for registering.
  2. Investment Plans: Invest in tiered plans (Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.) with increasing minimum deposits and order limits. Each plan promises a fixed commission rate per order.
  3. Referral Program: Earn additional income by inviting friends and family.

Investment Plans on (Highly Suspicious) presents various investment plans named after popular online marketplaces (Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.). However, these plans are structured to benefit the platform, not the user. Here’s a breakdown, but remember, these high returns are likely unrealistic and unachievable.

Investment Plans:

Each plan requires a minimum deposit and allows users to supposedly “purchase” a set number of orders per day. Here’s a glimpse into the structure:

  • Plan: Named after an online marketplace (Ebay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Level (LV): Increases with higher minimum deposits.
  • Minimum Deposit: Ranges from $20 to $50,000 depending on the level.
  • Order Limit: Number of “orders” users can purchase per day (50 to 80).
  • Claimed Commission Rate: Fixed percentage per order (0.24% to 0.4%).

How Much Can You Earn (Supposedly): doesn’t provide a clear explanation of earnings. However, based on the commission rate and order limit, users could potentially earn a small percentage on their “orders.” For example, at the lowest level (LV1), with a 0.24% commission and 50 order limit, you could earn $0.12 per order (assuming their calculation method is accurate). This translates to a maximum of $6 per day, which is highly unrealistic considering the small investment amount ($20 minimum).

Important Catch: Can’t Withdraw Without Deposit throws a major wrench into their earning potential with their withdrawal policy. Here’s the concerning part:

  • Minimum Withdrawal: $3
  • Withdrawal Limit (Without Deposit):
    • Only 8% of your total balance can be withdrawn if it’s less than $200 and you have at least 5 friends.
    • This means with a $20 deposit, you can only withdraw $1.6, even if you supposedly “earn” more.
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Essentially, you cannot withdraw any earnings from referrals unless you make your own deposit. This structure strongly suggests a focus on user recruitment rather than genuine investment returns.

Remember: Don’t base your decision on these advertised earnings. They are likely fabricated and not achievable in a legitimate investment environment.

Investment Plans on (Major Red Flags) offers tiered investment plans named after popular online marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.). However, these plans are structured in a way that raises significant concerns. Here’s a breakdown of the structure, but remember, the high returns advertised are likely unrealistic and unachievable.

Plan Structure:

Each plan has the following characteristics:

  • Level (LV): Increases with higher minimum deposits.
  • Minimum Deposit: The amount of money you need to invest to participate in the plan (ranges from $20 to $50,000).
  • Order Limit: The number of “orders” you can supposedly purchase per day (varies from 50 to 80).
  • Claimed Commission Rate: A fixed percentage you supposedly earn on each “order” (ranges from 0.24% to 0.4%).

Here’s a table summarizing the plans:

PlanLevel (LV)Minimum DepositOrder LimitClaimed Commission Rate
EbayLV 1$2050 Orders0.24%
AmazonLV 2$10055 Orders0.28%
AlibabaLV 3$50060 Orders0.30%
WalmartLV 4$2,00065 Orders0.32%
AliexpressLV 5$5,00070 Orders0.34%
JoomLV 6$20,00075 Orders0.36%
AppleLV 7$50,00080 Orders0.40%

Important Considerations:

  • Unrealistic Returns: The commission rates seem high, especially considering the low minimum deposits. It’s unlikely you’ll see these returns in legitimate investment opportunities.
  • Unclear “Orders”: There’s no explanation of what these “orders” represent or how they are purchased. This lack of transparency is a major red flag.
  • Focus on Recruitment: The increasing minimum deposits with each level suggest a focus on recruiting new members rather than genuine investment returns.

Stay Away from These Investment Plans:

The structure of these plans, combined with the other red flags discussed throughout this review, strongly suggests they are not legitimate investment opportunities. Focus your investment efforts on platforms with transparent structures and realistic returns.

Additional Notes:

  • The table includes the “Team report” feature listed earlier, but it’s unclear how it relates to investment plans. Without more information, it’s best to disregard it.
  • The “Invite Friends” section is likely tied to their referral program, which is another reason to be cautious.
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Key Concerns:

  • Unrealistic Returns: The high returns advertised are simply not sustainable in legitimate investment models.
  • Unknown Owners: There’s no information about the founders or team behind, raising a red flag about accountability.
  • Unclear Source of Income: doesn’t explain how it generates income to pay out returns, a major cause for suspicion.
  • Limited Withdrawal Options:
    • Minimum withdrawal amount is $3.
    • Only 8% of your total balance can be withdrawn if it’s less than $200 and you have at least 5 friends (highly restrictive).
    • Confusing withdrawal terms based on deposits and work done (unclear calculation).
  • Suspicious Withdrawal Requirements:
    • Requires users to complete at least 50 daily orders before withdrawal (impractical and manipulative).
    • A percentage of your deposit and work needs to be met before withdrawal approval (lack of transparency).
  • Telegram Customer Support: Relying solely on Telegram for support adds anonymity and makes it difficult to track or hold them accountable.
  • Fake Reviews and Testimonials: There’s no evidence of users receiving payouts, suggesting fabricated testimonials.
  • Newly Registered Domain: The domain was registered on the same day the platform launched (April 26, 2024), raising questions about legitimacy.
  • Referral-Centric: The emphasis on referrals suggests a focus on recruiting new members rather than genuine investment opportunities.

Red Flag Alert:’s Shady Domain History

One of the biggest red flags surrounding is its history of domain changes. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Multiple Past Domains: Our investigation reveals that wasn’t always its web address. Previously, it operated under names like, Allegro, Coinallegro, and Allegro shop.
  • Preserved Logins: Despite these domain changes, users with accounts on the previous platforms can apparently log in to using their old credentials. This might seem convenient, but it raises serious concerns.

Why is this a Red Flag?

  • Lack of Transparency: Legitimate businesses typically don’t switch domain names frequently. These repeated changes suggest might be trying to avoid scrutiny or escape a negative reputation associated with past domains.
  • Potential User Data Issues: Preserving logins across multiple domains raises questions about user data security and privacy practices.

What This Means for You:

  • Increased Risk: The history of domain changes significantly increases the risk of being a scam.
  • Prioritize Security: If you previously created an account on any of the mentioned past domains, consider changing your login credentials on any other platforms where you use the same information.


Avoid investing on due to the high risk of scams and the lack of transparency regarding their business practices. There are safer and more reputable platforms available for investment opportunities.

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Login and Registration Guides:

Is Legit? – Not Likely

Based on the red flags mentioned above, appears to be a cleverly disguised pyramid or referral scheme. There’s a high risk you won’t see any returns, and you might even lose your initial investment.


  • Avoid investing. There’s a strong possibility you’ll lose money.
  • Invest with reputable platforms. Do your research and choose established, well-regulated investment companies.
  • Beware of “get rich quick” schemes. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Safe and Legitimate Alternatives to

Investing involves risk, but there are platforms out there designed to help you grow your money responsibly. Here are some legitimate alternatives to

1. Robo-advisors: These automated platforms create personalized investment portfolios based on your goals and risk tolerance. Popular options include Betterment, Wealthfront, and Acorns.

2. Fractional Shares: Invest in fractions of expensive stocks with platforms like Stash or This allows you to diversify your portfolio with smaller amounts of money.

3. Peer-to-Peer Lending: Platforms like LendingClub or Prosper connect you with borrowers seeking loans. You earn interest on your investment as borrowers repay their loans. (Note: This option carries its own risks, so thorough research is crucial.)

4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Invest in real estate indirectly through REITs. These companies own and operate income-generating properties, and you receive a portion of the profits as dividends.

5. Index Funds: These low-cost funds track a specific market index, like the S&P 500. They offer a diversified, long-term investment strategy with lower fees compared to actively managed funds.


  • Research extensively: Before investing in any platform, thoroughly research its reputation, fees, and investment options.
  • Start small: Begin with a small investment amount to test the waters and gain experience.
  • Diversify your portfolio: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your investments across different asset classes to minimize risk.
  • Seek professional advice: Consider consulting a financial advisor to develop a personalized investment plan aligned with your goals.

By choosing legitimate platforms and following sound investment principles, you can increase your chances of achieving your financial goals.

Conclusion exhibits multiple characteristics of a scam. Protect your finances by avoiding this platform and seeking out legitimate investment opportunities.


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