Supermarket-Investment ( Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Supermarket-Investment ( A Comprehensive Review

Supermarket-Investment, also accessible through, has recently emerged as an investment platform promising high returns through “unmanned sales stores” and “convenience stores.” While the platform presents a tempting opportunity, a closer look reveals significant red flags suggesting it might be a scam.

Investment Offerings and Promises

Supermarket-Investment boasts various investment plans, each named after a type of store (unmanned sales store, convenience store, etc.). These plans offer incredibly high daily returns, ranging from 9 Rand to a staggering 6720 Rand per day. The platform claims these returns come from the success of their parent company, CFAO Group, which supposedly operates supermarkets across Africa.

Earning Methods on Supermarket-Investment

Supermarket-Investment presents several ways for users to supposedly earn money, but as highlighted earlier, the platform exhibits strong signs of a scam. Here’s a breakdown of their advertised earning methods:

1. Investment Plans:

The core method involves investing in various “unmanned sales store” or “convenience store” plans. Each plan promises high daily returns (ranging from 9 Rand to a staggering 6720 Rand). However, these returns are unrealistic and highly unlikely to be achieved.

2. Referral Program:

Supermarket-Investment heavily emphasizes their referral program, suggesting it as a significant earner. Here’s how it supposedly works:

  • Anyone who registers through your invitation link or code automatically joins your “investment team.”
  • You earn a bonus of 5% of your friend’s investment amount, plus a daily dividend of 5% of their investment income.
  • The platform claims this won’t affect your friend’s earnings (a tactic often used in Multi-Level Marketing schemes).
  • Inviting friends can also qualify you for “employee” status, with fixed salaries of up to 10,000 Rand.
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Important to Consider:

  • There’s no evidence of successful withdrawals from the platform.
  • The referral program’s high rewards and focus on recruitment are classic signs of a scam.
  • It’s likely the platform relies on new user investments to pay out earlier investors, creating a Ponzi scheme structure.

3. Daily Spin:

Supermarket-Investment offers a free daily spin on a virtual wheel for a chance to win additional rewards. However, the value and legitimacy of these rewards are highly questionable.

Supermarket-Investment Investment Plans (Claimed Earning Potential)

Supermarket-Investment offers various investment plans, each named after a type of store. Here’s a breakdown of the plans and their advertised earning potential:

Plan NameDaily Return (Rand)Total Income (After Investment Period)Investment Amount (Rand)Quota
Unmanned Sales Store (S-1)932851800 / 2
Unmanned Sales Store (S-2)2487605100 / 2
Unmanned Sales Store (S-3)3614400800 (or 900)0 / 3
Convenience Store (S-4)481752010000 / 3
Convenience Store (S-5)1204380025000 / 3
Clothing Store (S-6)28810512060000 / 3
Digital Electronics Store (S-7)37213578080000 / 3
Integrated Shopping Mall (S-8)720262800150000 /
Integrated Shopping Mall (S-9)960350400200000 / 4
Convenience Store (S-3)1500547500300000 / 4
Convenience Store (S-4)2400876000500000 / 4
Super Partner672048384001000000 /

Important Notes:

  • These are advertised earnings and are highly unlikely to be true.
  • The platform offers limited information about the investment period for each plan (indicated by “/ #” after Quota).
  • The quota displayed might indicate the number of spots available in each plan, but this information is not confirmed by Supermarket-Investment.

It’s crucial to remember that Supermarket-Investment exhibits signs of a scam. Don’t invest any money in these plans, as you’ll likely see no return.

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Warning Signs and Red Flags

Several factors raise serious concerns about Supermarket-Investment’s legitimacy:

  • Recent Launch (May 21st, 2024): Established investment platforms have a proven track record. A launch date this recent suggests a lack of experience and raises questions about long-term viability.
  • Unrealistic Earning Potential: The high daily returns advertised are simply unsustainable in legitimate investment scenarios.
  • Unclear Source of Income: Supermarket-Investment provides no clear explanation of how they generate the funds used to pay investors. This lack of transparency is a major red flag.
  • Referral Program Focus: The emphasis on recruiting others through a referral program with high rewards suggests a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme, where profits come primarily from signing up new members, not from actual investment activities.
  • No Payment Proof: Despite claims of successful payouts, there’s no evidence of users actually withdrawing funds. The platform offers no testimonials or proof of withdrawals.
  • Missing Information: The platform reveals nothing about the owners, founders, or team behind the operation. This lack of transparency is highly suspicious.
  • Limited Customer Support: Customer support is limited to WhatsApp and Telegram, with questionable effectiveness. A reputable platform would offer a variety of secure and responsive support channels.
  • Mobile App Only for Android: The platform lacks an iOS app, raising concerns about legitimacy and technical capabilities.

Supermarket-Investment APK (supermarket.apk) – Information Only (Do Not Download)

Supermarket-Investment offers an Android mobile app (APK) downloadable from their website ( However, due to the red flags identified in this review, downloading this APK is strongly discouraged. There’s a high risk of malware, security vulnerabilities, and unknown functionality.

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For informational purposes only, here’s what the APK download entails:

  • The download link is available on the Supermarket-Investment website.
  • Since it’s not available on the Google Play Store, downloading it bypasses Google’s security checks, increasing risk.
  • The APK allows you to access the Supermarket-Investment platform from your Android device.

Registration and Login (Informational Only)

Registration on Supermarket-Investment is concerningly simple. It requires only a phone number, password, and an optional referral code. There’s no email verification, a standard security measure missing here. Logging in is similarly basic, requiring just a phone number and password.

Remember: This information is provided for educational purposes only. Downloading the APK and registering on the platform is highly discouraged due to the risk of scams.

Is Supermarket-Investment Legit?

Based on the overwhelming evidence, Supermarket-Investment ( appears to be a scam. The platform exhibits all the classic hallmarks of a get-rich-quick scheme – unrealistic returns, a focus on recruitment, lack of transparency, and absent payment proof.


Avoid investing in Supermarket-Investment. It’s highly likely you won’t see any returns on your investment. Furthermore, advise others to stay away from this platform to protect them from potential financial loss.

For legitimate investment opportunities, consider established platforms with a proven track record, clear explanations of their investment strategies, and robust security measures.


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