Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas in Ore, Ondo State

Welcome to, where we provide insights into various business opportunities in different regions of Nigeria. In this article, I will explore 10 business opportunities in Ore, Ondo State.

Ore is a town located in Ondo State, Nigeria, known for its thriving business environment. Its strategic location as a gateway between Lagos and the eastern states of Nigeria has made it a hub for various economic activities.

The Future of Entrepreneurship in Ore: Business Prospects

Without further ado, let’s delve into 10 business opportunities in Ore: 


Ore is located in a region with a conducive climate for agriculture. Farmers in Ore can take advantage of the fertile soil and favorable weather conditions to cultivate crops such as cassava, yam, maize, and vegetables.

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Food Processing

With the abundance of agricultural produce in Ore, setting up a food processing plant can be a profitable venture. This can involve processing crops such as cassava into garri, yam into yam flour, and maize into cornflakes.


Ore serves as a major transportation hub in Ondo State, making it a hub for trading activities. Setting up a wholesale or retail store to sell goods such as clothes, electronics, and household items can be a profitable venture.


As a major transportation hub, Ore provides opportunities for transportation businesses such as buses, taxis, and logistics services. The town is located along the Lagos-Benin Expressway, making it easily accessible to other parts of the country.

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Ore’s strategic location has also made it a popular stopover for travelers. Establishing a hotel or guest house to cater to the needs of these travelers can be a lucrative business opportunity.


Ore has a growing population and a high demand for quality education. Setting up a school or tutorial center can be a profitable venture.

Health Care

With the increasing population of Ore, the demand for health care services is also on the rise. Setting up a clinic or pharmacy can be a profitable business opportunity.

Real Estate:

 Ore’s strategic location has made it a hub for real estate development. Investing in real estate by buying and selling land, developing residential or commercial properties, or renting out properties can be a profitable venture.


The growing population of Ore has created a demand for entertainment services such as cinemas, game centers, and event centers. Investing in this sector can be a profitable business opportunity.


As technology advances, there is a growing need for tech-based solutions in different industries. Setting up a tech-based business such as a software development company or an e-commerce store can be a profitable venture.

I will finalise that Ore presents numerous business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors looking to tap into the growing economy of Ondo State. However, as with any business venture, it is important to conduct thorough research and due diligence to ensure success. more on business across the country visit our business-category 


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