A Comprehensive Review of the XRP Earning Platform


ArpWallet, also known as, is a platform that claims to reward users with free XRP up to 20,000 XRP, which is equivalent to approximately $5,000

1. The platform offers various ways to earn XRP, including participating in tasks and referring friends. However, the legitimacy of ArpWallet has been questioned by several users, who have reported issues with withdrawals and deposits23.

How It Works

After signing up, users receive a sign-up bonus of over 10,197.991 XRP, equivalent to $5,431.45

1. To withdraw the bonus balance, users can either make a refundable deposit or share their referral link on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter1. Users can withdraw 0.000027 XRP every 1 minute, and to withdraw all their balance, they need to remove the withdrawal limit1.

Offers and Referral Program

ArpWallet offers users the opportunity to earn XRP by participating in tasks and referring friends. New users can receive between 10,000 XRP – 20,000 XRP, which is withdrawable once they have participated in tasks

1. The platform also has a referral program, where users can share their referral link on social media platforms to earn more XRP1.

Withdrawal and Claims

Users can withdraw their XRP rewards directly into their Binance, Trust Wallet, or any wallet of their choice

1. However, several users have reported issues with withdrawals, such as not receiving the promised amount or experiencing delays in processing withdrawals23.

Features and Launch

ArpWallet was launched on March 3rd, 2023

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1. The platform claims to be a life-changing opportunity, but it has no known CEO, founder, or team behind it1. The source of income for the platform remains a mystery, and there is no information available about the team or the company1.

Customer Service Support

ArpWallet’s customer service support is limited to a Telegram group, where users are restricted to posting only, and the admin can post

1. This lack of direct communication with the platform’s support team may be a concern for potential users.


Based on the available information, ArpWallet appears to be a potentially unsafe platform with unrealistic expectations and unclear sources of income

45. The lack of credible payment proof and consistent negative reviews from users raise concerns about the legitimacy of the platform23. It is advisable to exercise caution and thoroughly research any platform before investing or participating in its offers.


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